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Report a Missing Migrant

If you know someone who went missing crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, please fill out this form as a first step to submitting a missing persons report with the Colibrí Center for Human Rights.

If you wish to report someone in the desert who is in need of emergency assistance, please call 911. If you wish to report someone who disappeared in recent days or weeks, please see our “Active Search” guide before filling out the form.

Once you complete and submit this online form, Colibrí staff will be in touch with you to take the full report. It may take up to a week for you to receive this call, but you can be sure that Colibrí staff will call you back as soon as possible.

Colibrí staff take every precaution to ensure the privacy and security of families. The information you report will remain confidential and will only be used to find missing people and help identify people who have died. Colibrí is not a law enforcement agency and does not inquire about immigration status.

Colibrí does not charge for its services. All of its efforts are completely free for the families.

If your loved one disappeared crossing the border through California, New Mexico, Texas, or within Mexico, please understand that Colibrí has limited ability to help find your loved one. Even so, Colibrí would like to include you in the Family Network, where you might find support.

  • Information about the missing person

  • Please provide the person's complete name, including two last names if the person had two.
  • You are welcome to attach photos or documents that can help identify the missing loved one.
    Drop files here or
  • Your information

  • Please give us as many ways to contact you as you can:
The Colibrí process for searching for a missing loved one
  1. Tell Colibrí about the missing person:
    • Use the form provided above, or
    • Call Colibrí at +00 1 520-724-8644
  2. A member of the Colibrí team will call you back to gather the additional information needed to complete the report. It might take as long as a week for the call back.
  3. Colibrí will begin attempts to identify your loved one and will get in touch with you with any news. Colibrí is working with over 4,000 families, so please be patient.
  4. Colibrí will also send you information about the Family Network, where you may be able to find support.