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Our Team

Tony served as Honorary Consul of Honduras in Arizona from 2006 until 2016 and currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Advisors of the Consular Corps of Arizona. In that role he was the primary contact for Hondurans facing challenges along the border and in immigration detention centers and the judicial system.  Tony has served as Philanthropic Advisor at the Arizona Community Foundation and as an Executive with two large nonprofits providing oversight of numerous child-welfare programs in Phoenix. Tony has supported numerous projects in Honduras, including housing, water, medicine and medical equipment. He earned a Master in Public Administration and a Bachelors in Business Administration, both from Arizona State University. And he is a proud Papi of Sara and Sabrina, a School Psychologist and a Registered Nurse, respectively. Tony is an avid soccer player.

Gia Del Pino moved to Tucson in August 2019 to continue her passion of working for immigrant rights and justice along the U.S.- Mexico border. Prior to the move, she was the co-founder and lead organizer of a grassroots immigrant-led organization called Madres Sin Fronteras (Gainesville, Fl). Madres Sin Fronteras was created in 2017 in response to the new administration’s hardline anti-immigrant platform. Together they worked tirelessly to create a set of strategic plans to ensure justice and protections for affected communities and vulnerable families. Key campaigns include:

Community ID:  Working together with law enforcement, city and county council to implement a community ID to give affected community members access to public schools, health care facilities, libraries, certain banks, and a viable/verified identification card in case undocumented individuals need to engage with local law enforcement.

Sanctuary: Working in coalition with the Westminster Presbyterian Church and Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County, to revitalize the Sanctuary movement from the early 80’s in Gainesville.

Rapid Response Hotline:  Working together with Pioneer Valley Workers Center to develop a 24/7 Rapid Response Hotline to address immigrant-related emergencies and/or field questions about ID, sanctuary, and other community resources such as reliable legal aid and health care.

Community Bail/Bond Fund:  Developed the first-ever community bail/bond fund for detainees in North Central Florida. This formed part of  the accompaniment program which pairs allies and volunteers with families of detainees to drive to the surrounding detention center to visit their loved ones.

Gia Del Pino is the proud daughter of immigrants who grew up in predominantly immigrant community in Miami, Fl. She has a MFA in Art and Technology from University of Florida and is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Art and Visual Culture Education at the University of Arizona.

Mirza Monterroso is Colibrí’s Missing Migrant Program Director. Originally from Guatemala, Mirza specializes in archeology and has earned her M.A. in Forensic Science. She worked for several years in Mayan archaeology sites and caves in Guatemala, Belize, and México. In 2006, she began working as a forensic archeologist, digging clandestine graves created during the Guatemalan genocide. She has been an expert witness in cases of violations of human rights and crimes committed against the civil population. Mirza also taught several courses in forensic anthropology at the Universidad de Rafael Landívar and the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala. In 2016, she joined the Colibrí Center as the DNA Program Manager.

Isabella has worked with Mirza Monterroso in the Missing Migrant and DNA Program since September 2018. Before moving to Tucson, she worked as an educator in the US, Malawi, and Guatemala. She graduated with a B.A. in sociology and Spanish from the University of Missouri – Kansas City and is currently working towards a dual master’s degree in Latin American studies and public administration at the University of Arizona. Isabella grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.

Perla is Colibrí’s Family Network Director. She is originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, and migrated to the US with her family in 1999 and was raised in Tucson, AZ. Perla earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Pre-law from the University of Arizona, where she focused on immigration law reforms and justice for migrant rights.

Post-college, Perla has continued her focus on social services while working as a Case Manager for the Office of Refugee Resettlement working in the reunification of unaccompanied minors in the US-Mexico border with families who reside in the US. She continued her work as the Children’s Specialist for the Guatemalan consulate in the Border Protection team.

Perla continues her dedication to migrant rights as Colibrí’s Family Network Director. She will continue a legacy of work to build solidarity, community, a movement among families who have experienced loss at the border.

Board of Directors

President:     Jason De León
                       Executive Director of the Undocumented Migration Project
                       Professor of Anthropology and Chicana, Chicano, and Central American Studies, UCLA

Treasurer:     Carolyn Horn
                        pro bono Senior Advisor of the Special Rapporteur
                       on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions

Secretary:      Keith D. Ray II
                        Greenville (SC) County Schools
                        Protestant Clergy

                        Amy Knight
                        Knight Law Firm, LLC

                        Yolanda Magallanes
                       ACRONYM Investments Director

                       William Masson
                       Co-Founder, Colibrí Center for Human Rights
                       Product Manager, Clover Health

                       David J. Newstone
                       Public Interest Attorney

Fall 2020 Interns & Ambassadors

Social Media and Communications

  • Eliana Carrera
  • Jessica McClintock-Ortiz
  • Emely Moreno
  • Jessica Plaza Rodriguez
  • Sam Reich
  • Maria Fernanda Rosales Garzona
  • Lourdes Gonzalez

Family Network

  • Ada Acero
  • Ana Belem Ceballos
  • Hannah Scott Moran
  • Julia Quintero


  • Norma Martinez
  • Ana Sanchez-Bachman
  • Hannah Zwolensky

Missing Migrant Project

  • Cristian Saez Florez
  • Andrea Leos
  • Karen Torres

Colibri Ambassador: Lourdes Gonzalez

Campus Ambassadors

  • Steph Zamora- Arizona State University
  • Nizhoni Saenz- Colgate University
  • Maeve Skelly- University of Michigan
  • Sarah Copeland- Stanton College Preparatory
  • Karen Aguirre- Northern Arizona University
  • Destina Bermejo- University of Arizona